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Advanced PID controllers, autotuning and fuzzy logic

Process control is one of the mainfunctions of our flagship MultiCon device. Apart from simple threshold (ON/OFF) and proportional controls, it is also equipped with proportional-integral-derivative controllers, used mainly to maintain stable conditions in the case of demanding applications. Their operation consists in calculating the difference between the measured and preset values as well as modifying the output signal in order to reduce the control error.

A wide range of parameters and functions featured by PID controllers allows, among other things, the following actions:

  • optimal adjustment of the controller coefficients to the process requirements through the autotuning function,
  • optimization of the output signal owing to additional parameters, such as the inertia level or fuzzy logic,
  • any (manual or automatic) starting-up and stopping of the controller operation.

MultiCon is equipped with 8 controllers, each of which can accept independent setpoints and, at the same time, be used to adjust several independent processes, which allows the control of several processes with different characteristics using one device.

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