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Another new MultiCon functionality - HTML5 Widgets!

We are delighted to inform about extending functionalities of remote access to data in MultiCon with the use of a simple web browser.

The novelty covers a possibility of previewing the data presented in the form of widgets developed in the HTML5 technology. You obtain the access via an embedded website of the device connected to the Internet. The 'Channels graphical view' option transfers to the view of first six logic channels.

Quick online access to key parameters of the monitored process equals safety to your business!

HTML5 Widgets enable:

  • access to current values from any device (mobile one as well),
  • data preview of all logical channels of the device,
  • displaying of the channel status as a digit value, chart or pointer.

Try it today! Available from firmware version 5.00.1

More information: Chapter 8.19 of MultiCon user manual

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