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Application 78: "LookUp Table" - user characteristic Tool

The value of every logical channel of MultiCon recorder may be converted using many various methods: by linear scaling, transfer with compliance to the user characteristics. In the case of the letter, each point of the characteristics required manual configuration, what extended the process significantly.

The "LookUp Table" in the user characteristics function is a great tool which allows entering individual points of the characteristics in the form of a csv file, and then importing them to any MultiCon logical channel. Additionally, the edited list may be saved, from the device level, in a new file and used to scale another channel. The new option makes the work on creation of repeatable configurations much more effective and eliminates errors which may occur during manual entry of a large volume of numerical data.

WATCH HERE - the video showing how to add user characteristic using LookUp Table file
DOWNLOAD HERE - the tool to create tables containing all user characteristic points

Files to download

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