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Application 80: License keys

The MultiCon is highly adaptable, and it can be adjusted to the requirements of the given application. Apart from the addition and replacement of input/output modules, it is also possible to extend the range of functions without changing the hardware configuration by entering the license key. The first of the keys that are sold introduces the option of data recording in addition to the existing measurement and control functions. The next key is enables the adjustment of access to the modification of settings depending on access rights. The third of the currently available extensions makes it possible for a MultiCon that is connected to the network to send notifications by e-mail. Each key is entered once, by typing the relevant sequence of characters.

The list of availables licences:

  • LKS - data logging licence key
  • MLS - MultiLevel Access licence key
  • ENS - "E-mail notifications" licence key

Files to download

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