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DAQ Manager - new version

New DAQ Manager version is already available and supporting the following functions:

  • fixed a bug related to not refreshing the time of closing the log
  • changed the default way of pooling devices for current measurements in more efficient manner (without CGI), when the device enables such functionality (from fw version 5.00.0)
  • changed the limit of the fastest frequency of polling devices for current measurements from 3 seconds to 1 second. It is recommended to update the device firmware to the version at least 5.00.0
  • fixed a bug that causes error sometimes when user clicks "Refresh" button in the device list, especially when downloading data were in progress
  • improved automatic scaling of Web display window to make it easier to adapt to pages used a new HTML5 Widgets
  • made some minor corrections in GUI
  • added ability to show up to 90 channels for current measurements from devices that provide such functionality (MultiCon 141 from version 5.00.0)
  • added a "Total memory" position in "Device information" context menu

Files to download

DAQ Manager v. - install version
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