One of the main functionalities of our flagship MultiCon device is data recording of the measured signals. Each model can record data from 60 channels grouped in any way. The maximum time of uninterrupted recording depends on the sampling frequency and the amount of memory available in the device.
The standard version includes a 2GB card which, when recording data from 24 channels every single second for instance, will allow recording for about 20 days, but if we reduce the frequency to 1 sample per minute - MultiCon will be able to work for about 7 years. These values increase accordingly when the built-in memory gets expanded to 4GB. Referring to the previous example: recording 24 channels every single second will fill the memory for 115 days, and every single minute - about 16 years!


4GB of built-in memory in MultiCon at the price of 2GB!


Memory expansion from 2GB to 4GB is now free of charge and covers all devices from the MultiCon line
The promotion lasts until the end of 2021.
* As standard, memory expansion up to 4GB is treated as a special version that requires a surcharge.