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MultiCon & SCADALite

SCADALite is an innovative feature that allows you to manage the process directly from the MultiCon display.

Essential information can be presented in a graphical form enriched with animations, dynamic graphs and most significant numerical parameters, as well as sounds in case of alarm. SCADALite allows you to create as many as 15 individual screens, presenting a various range of required information.

The SCADALite implementation is extremely simple, it is enough to upload a graphical design or a simple photo of the application into the device, and to distribute the indicators. All within a few minutes and directly from the MultiCon screen!

Hope you enjoy this new SCADALite feature!

SCADALite is an innovative approach to data presentation:

  • Graphics of the monitored process,
  • Management directly from the screen,
  • Various screens for one process,
  • Easy to switch between views,
  • Efficient generating of visualizations,
  • Discretion on placing the indicators,
  • Work comfort for operators.


More information: MultiCon line overview

MultiCon & SCADALite

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