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MultiPrint MLP-149 thermal printer

MultiPrint MLP-149 is a thermal panel printer, giving possibility to communicate with external devices using USB interface. Printer has possibility to print on thermal paper and self-adhesive labels. MultiPrint MLP-149 is dedicated for cooperation with MultiCon line devices. It gives the user the possibility of generating print-outs of the current measurements directly where the recorder is installed.

The print-out consists of three basic parts: the header, the content and the footer. The header and the footer are composed of .PNG image files, which the user may freely prepare and upload to the recorder. The content of the print-out is the part which is generated at the time of printing. It features a table with current measurement results. Additionally, the print-out can include the date and time of printing, which are entered above the table.

The process of printing can be started on request of the operator or automatically, after fulfilment of the logical conditions, such as alarm states or end of technological process.

Files to download

MultiPrint MLP-149 data sheet
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