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New ETU & ACM cards - 50% higher immunity to interferences

Considering the need to ensure the highest user experience for our devices, in addition to expanding the range of products, we also focus on continuous improvement of the solutions that have already managed to gain popularity in the market.

We are launching a new generation of communication modules for the MultiCon line controllers/data recorders:

  • M99-ETU-002 (USB Host, Ethernet)
  • M99-ACM-002 (RS-485, RS-485/RS-232, USB Host, Ethernet)

Development of the design resulted in the increase of the MultiCon device immunity to excessive electromagnetic interference from the standard level of 1.0 kV by as much as 50% - up to 1.5 kV and, additionally, at the ten times longer exposure time. Interferences are fast-changing electric transient states, generated in industrial plants, where the power supply system does not fully meet the requirements of the standard. Better immunity means stable communication, and thus the possibility to operate the MultiCon recorder in heavy-duty applications.

For more information please visit MultiCon modules catalogue (page 20)

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