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New MultiCon CMC-N16 in wall mounted case!

We are pleased to present a new member of multichannel controller / recorder MultiCon line. This time the new model called MultiCon CMC-N16 is available as wall-mounted version and can contain as follows:

  • up to 4 universal inputs with built-in totalizer,
  • up to 4 digital inputs (+ one permanent),
  • up to 4 binary outputs,
  • up to 4 analogue outputs.

A user can also adjust their configuration to the needs of their application. All the communication ports available so far (Ethernet, RS-485, USB) can also be selected. The wall-mounted, tight housing of IP 65 is made of durable plastic and makes it possible to install MultiCon CMC-N16 easily in any places where panel mounting including outdoor applications is not an obvious choice. Despite a limited amount of available inputs / outputs in comparison to panel mounted versions, the existing meter, controller, recorder and HMI functionalities have still been maintained all in one.


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