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New MultiCon firmware

New MultiCon firmware, version 5.02.5 is already available.

Firmware update button in "Device information menu" allows the user to update the device software.

To perform the update:

  • download the latest software version availlable below, unzip file and copy to a flash drive,
  • plug in the flash drive (some high capacity pendrives are not supported, best choice is pendrive with 2GB capacity)
  • start the update process by pressing the "Firmware update" button.

New / modified functions in version 5.02.5:

  • the Timeout parameter for automatically changing the view working also when the user goes into the channel/group settings directly from the main screen or when he uses the SCADALite view link functionality,
  • fixed impression of freezing the user interface (stopped redraw of the clock and measurements) if NTP will turn the time back,
  • fixed a bug associated with creation of a new log file when the device will reboot and settings of any channel used in the SCADALite view has been changed.

Files to download

MultiCon CMC-141 firmware, version 5.02.5MultiCon CMC-99 / N16 fimware, version 5.02.5
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