MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

MultiCon line data loggers feature built-in PID controllers with the possibility of automatic selection of controller settings which are defined as auto-tuning. The number of independent regulators that can be implemented in the device is from 1 to 8. One controller can be used in several independent control loops. In the following application, the MultiCon works as a 10-channel controller of a multi-chamber ceramic firing furnace. For greater convenience, the user applies a new data display mode - 4ControllerView, which is typical for PID controllers. In the following mode, the most important values of SV and PV are highlighted and easy to read even from long distances.

The application features the following model: CMC-141-PS32/USB/RT6/RT4/S16-001

Signal inputs:
There are a total of 10 RTD inputs on the two input modules of RT6 and RT4, each of which receives signals from the Pt100 sensor.

Control outputs:
The S16 module consists of 16 SSR outputs. This application uses 10 outputs - each of them runs in a control loop with a corresponding temperature sensor.

The device receives signals from all inputs of RT modules and, based on the regulator's calculations, properly controls the SSR outputs.For the convenience of use, the device features 10 groups of logical channels - one for each control loop. The channel status of each group is shown in the 4ControllerView option, which indicates:

  • measured temperature: PV,
  • set temperature: SV,
  • ambient temperature,
  • heating power,
  • regulator status,
  • state of the relay output.

The differentiation of the weights of individual values results in an intuitive reading of the process parameters, thus facilitating the user's work.

4ControllerView in PID controlling