MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

The 4ControllerView functionality - a mode of presenting the state of logic channels for a given measurement group, designed especially for the use of MultiCon as a controller.

Each MultiCon line device has eight independent PID control loops. The 4ControllerView function displays four channels in the numerical value mode (including: two "major" and two "auxiliary" ones) and two in the binary mode.
The first two lines are the typical PID control values which are PV and SV, each with its own percentage indication, description, and process unit. The SV value as a variable parameter can be set directly from the screen in the dynamic configuration mode.
Auxiliary values can indicate any parameters regarding the control process, e.g. % of the full range of the control signal or deviation value.
The screen shows 1 controller (6 values) simultaneously by default. Optionally, after the screen split, it can show up to 4 different controllers at the same time (24 values). In such case, each controller is shown in a different color and name. It is very useful, especially in monitoring processes that take place one after another.

4ControllerView is:

  • differentiation of individual values importance and their role in a controlled process,
  • easier key data reading from a distance,
  • clear presentation of data from many logical channels groups.


The 4ControllerView block parameter specifies whether the data presentation mode in the form of a controller is available for this group and whether it will be presented as single or with adjacent groups.


Rys. Slots layout in controllers view

In the 4ControllerView, the values of logical channels assigned to slots 5 and 6 are presented in a two-state manner. For a value higher than zero, the slot will be highlighted in red. If a channel highlight is set for a given channel, it will replace the above operation. The displayed name of slots 5 and 6 are limited to 10 first characters (the rest of them will not be visible).

The following parameters belong to this block:

  • Mode:
    • disabled – the data presentation mode in the form of a controller is inactive for this group and the data can not be presented in this form,
    • enabled – the data presentation mode in the form of a controller is active for this group and the data can be presented in this form.
  • Adjacent group 1÷3 – these parameters specify which groups will be presented in the data panel together with the main group. If at least one adjacent group is assigned, the data panel will be divided into 4 parts. In each quadrant the data of one group will be presented in the form of a regulator. If the selected adjacent group is inactive – the quarter will be empty. If all adjacent groups are inactive, only the main group in the form of a controller will be displayed on the entire data panel.