MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.


  • input module for MultiCon
  • for devices type CMC-99 and CMC-141
  • 4 x universal input U/I/RTD/TC/mV module, incl. totalizer on 0/4...20 mA input, isolated

On customer's request, it is possible to install modules equipped with 4 universal isolated inputs (incl. totalizer on 0/4 ÷ 20 mA input). Each module includes a sensor for cold junction compensation. It is most advanced input module, available for the MultiCon. With its help user can make many different kind of measurements in each channel. This module can measure: voltage, current, flow (analog), temperatures (TC or RTD), digital signals (TTL or HTL).