The versatility of the MultiCon controller is largely based on the number of possible hardware configurations. The device has been equipped with three slots for connecting inputs / outputs, and thanks to mixed modules it can simultaneously support many different measurement standards, e.g. signals 0/4..20 mA and 0..10V. Such input modules have been part of our offer for some time now.

Now we present the first mixed control output module!

The SR45 module combines the following:

  • 4 fast binary voltage outputs (PWM) for controlling SSR drivers
  • 4 relay outputs with a load capacity of 5A/250V.

The new SR45 module will work both in complex applications as well as in budget implementations, where several control outputs of different types are sufficient. It is particularly used in control systems using PID controllers build-in a Multicon CMC device.

Two modules in one unit - saving space and reducing costs!

SR45 - Mixed mudules