The MultiCon multi-channel universal recorder is available in two mounting versions: a panel one and a wall-mounted one. However, the panel version does not only mean stationary installation inside control cabinets. It can also be built into a portable case, creating a mobile control and registration center.

Our offer includes two variants of such sets:

  • P130 is a compact version equipped with a waterproof and dustproof housing, designed to work in conditions of high humidity, large temperature changes, dust, pressure differences. Will fit both CMC-99 and CMC-141. Efficient connection of signals is possible thanks to the inputs/outputs of the recorder on the walls of the case in the form of M12 connectors.
  • P150 is a case of larger dimensions, which, apart from the MultiCon, will also fit additional accessories. It can be a built-in additional meter, free space for loose accessories or a GSM module for communication. This model also has the option of being powered by a built-in battery, so you don't even need a power source at the measurement site.

After the measurements are completed, the MultiCon inside a suitcase can be transported to another facility. The large memory capacity even allows for cyclical measurements of many processes and obtaining data ready for analysis.