The MultiCon multi-channel controller and data recorder is a device that can be used in almost any industrial automation system. It can act as a standalone unit or be part of a larger control system. All that thanks to the huge number of possible configurations and available options.

Today we recall its four special functions:

  • data recording - available with an active license key - Controller and data recorder in one. All monitored signals can be saved in the device memory, which can store up to 300 million samples. Thanks to the Log On Demand option, the user can also specify the exact scope of the created files, which facilitates further work with data.


  • user view: ScadaLite - available as standard - Each monitored process can be visualized through an individually adjusted view on the MultiCon screen. This feature allows you to import your own background graphics to the device and choose from a wide range of indicators to place onto them. Thus, monitored data becomes easier to interpret in real time.


  • access limitation thanks to MultiLevel Access - available as standard - This function allows you to define users with different levels of access, and their permissions to the device. Thanks to this, each of them can operate the device to the extent that is actually needed to perform a given task.


  • e-mail notifications - Available as standard starting today! - Each MultiCon connected to the network can generate alerts in the form of previously prepared e-mails templates, which are sent when a specific action occurs. MultiCon supports secure login, and as a result the account from which notifications are sent can be set up on any e-mail server. This function ensures the security of the monitored process and recorded data.