MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

MultiCon enables to adjust data recording parameters depending on the application's conditions. The user has at its disposal two data recording variants: standard - triggered on time basis, and alternative - activated in special, untypical or alarm circumstances. An exemplary usage of the latter is the control of level and filling of ten tanks in a chemical substances
production plant.

The MultiCon used in the application: CMC-141-PS32/E/I16/R45/R65-0B1

Signal inputs
Module I16 consists of 16 current inputs - with 10 of them used for receiving signals from level transmitters installed in tanks.

Control outputs
2 modules of relay outputs, R45 and R65, serves for controlling valves in particular tanks - opening after drop of level below a minimum value and closing after filling.

Special features
USB port located in the front section of a device facilitates acquisition of recorded data.

10 logical channels are used for displaying scaled results of level measurements, next 10 for controlling each relay output. The tank emptying process is relatively slow; therefore, the standard data recording, active all the time, has a 15-second sampling period set. During filling, a valve opening signal also triggers the alternative data recording with a 1-second sampling period. Owing to this, the user obtains full information about the filling process and may, based on this, control the system capacity.


Alternative data recording in MultiCon