MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

One of the examples of the practical application of a controller with auto-tuning is the process of controlling the elements annealing furnace. The temperature set point is shown in the form of an appropriate time profile. It usually consists of three stages: heating, annealing, which means maintaining at a constant temperature and cooling. The regulation is based on the PID control whose parameters are selected automatically during auto-tuning.

The following model works well in the application: CMC-141-PS42/E/UN3/S8/E-0B1

Signal inputs
The UN3 module consists of 3 insulated universal inputs (U/I/RTD/TC/mV). In this case, the temperature input is used. It reads off the temperature measured inside the furnace.

Signal outputs
The S8 module consists of 8 SSR outputs, one of which is used to control heating in the furnace. Another ones can set the cooling fans in operation, depending on the nature of the process.

The USB module allows you to download data saved during the recording of the entire process.

The user can create up to 8 time profiles, i.e 8 "heating programs" customized to the requirements of individual elements. Before starting the process, the appropriate profile is selected.

Special features
The USB port, for the convenience of use, is placed on the front of the device.

Autotuning in practice