MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

MultiCon is an independent recording device. It does not require constantly running computer software, even if remote viewing of recorded data is needed. It is an ideal solution for long-term monitoring of product storage parameters (such as temperature and humidity), for instance in food warehouses.

The exemplary application features the following model: CMC-99-PS42/ETU/R45/E/E-1B1 - this is the basic version of the MultiCon, in which the RS-485 communication interface has been used.
Temperature and humidity are measured by means of digital sensors from the TRS series.

Signal inputs:
This version has not been equipped with typical signal inputs because, in the presented application, the measurement data is transferred only via the Modbus RTU protocol by means of the RS-485 port.
MultiCon monitors signals from the following sources:

  • eight TRS-04a sensors measuring air temperature and humidity in the entire hall
  • five TRS-02a transmitters with Pt100 temperature sensors of the ventilation system connected to them.

Control outputs:
The R45 module is equipped with 4 relay outputs that control alarms.

The ETU module enables the recorder to be connected to the Ethernet network, and thus the recorded parameters can be read remotely in real time.

The measurement points are divided into 4 zones. Each measured parameter has an assigned logical channel that presents and records the measurement results. In the event of exceeding the permissible parameters in any of the zones, the appropriate relay activates the sound and light alarm.

The warehouse staff is able to constantly view the monitored parameters (locally - MultiCon display, and remotely - website). The website downloads the recorded data with a specified frequency and presents it in a convenient table-reading form. A new type of sidgets has been used to build it - Pure Sidgets. Sidgets are visualization components prepared by our programmers who applied the HTML5 technology.
Pure Sidgets are especially useful in case of a large amount of presented data because they make any formatting of the displayed text possible. Thanks to that it is easy to notice any deviations, and in the event of an emergency - you can quickly locate the appropriate measuring zone.


Monitoring of environmental parameters in a warehouse