MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

Hereunder we present an example application that uses the MultiCon controller equipped with the latest input/output modules. The device monitors environmental conditions in a laboratory room.

The exemplary application features the following model: CMC-141-PS32/ETU/QFUN4/SR45/E-101

Signal inputs
The QFUN4 module has been euipped with 4 insulated universal inputs: U / I (with totalizer option) / RTD / TC / mV.

Receives signals from:
  • two air flowmeters (4...20 mA)
  • temperature sensor (RTD)
  • humidity transmitter (0...10V)

Signal outputs
The SR45 module has been equipped with 4 SSR outputs + 4 relay outputs with a load capacity of 5A/250V.

  • 2 SSR outputs turn on the fans
  • 1 relay output activates the electric heating mat
  • 2 relay outputs activate alarm sirens

The ETU module allows you to connect the recorder to the network, and thus remote reading of the recorded parameters in real time.

The temperature and humidity in the room should be maintained at a certain level. An increase in humidity above the first threshold switches the first fan from idle to nominal speed. Exceeding the second threshold activates both fans simultaneously. Temperature drop below the set value turns on the heating mat.

Two flowmeters control the correct operation of the fans - when the flow drops below the minimum value, a light and sound signal gets activated.
Temperature and humidity control in the laboratory room