The memory of the MultiCon recorder provides its independent operation for many months, and with 24 channels recorded every minute it is enough for 16 years even. Also acting as a controller, after setting and entering the control parameters, the device becomes maintenance-free. Therefore, it is worth taking care to eliminate external factors that could interfere with its operating.

A novelty in the accessories that we offer for the recorder is the UPS power supply module.

This solution guarantees:

  • power supply stability,
  • power supply backup for up to an hour after a power failure in the network,
  • binary signal informing about the emergency power supply activation - thanks to this, the MultiCon equipped with any alarm system (relays, SMS, e-mail) can additionally notify about problems in the power supply network.

In addition, by eliminating the risks associated with the instability of the power supply network, such a module guarantees safety of the device and of the recorded data. We recommend the UPS for both the stationary MultiCon and the one built in a portable suitcase.