MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.

One of the hardware configurations of the MultiCon meter is ideally suited for applications with heat measurement. MultiCon analyses the energy consumption of several objects simultaneously on the basis of temperature indications, flow rates and corresponding calculations - in the following application of four heat exchangers.

The following model works well in the application: CMC-141-PS42/ETU/I16/IO4/FI4-001

Signal inputs
The I16 module has 16 current inputs, which are used to receive signals representing temperature.
The FI4 module consists of four current inputs dedicated to flow meters.

Control outputs
The IO4 module has 4 current outputs, each of which provides a proportional signal to the calculated power.

The ETU module features Ethernet port. It is used for communication via the internal network for constant access to measurement data.

In each of the four systems, sensors are installed to measure flow and two temperatures - upstream and downstream the heat exchanger. MultiCon uses appropriate mathematical formulas to calculate the amount of heat energy absorbed by each of the exchangers. All measured values are recorded in the internal device memory.


MultiCon as a heat meter