MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.


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TS-35 DIN rail brackets

MultiCon can be mounted inside a control box, on a DIN rail, with the use of SRH brackets.

MultiCon screen using web browser

The application describes the functionality of MultiCon: display logical channel values using typical web browser.

MultiCon data logger

The application presents the functionality of the data logger in the MultiCon line devices.

Easy "setpoint" access

The application shows the method of setting the set point.

Time profiles at industrial applications

The example of using MultiCon with time control functions for common time cycle applications.

Pulse, flow and tacho inputs

Pulse, flow and tacho inputs in MultiCon

User's manual available inside MultiCon memory

User's manual is available inside MultiCon memory.

Modbus TCP opens up great opportunities

Versatility of use of the MultiCon line devices thanks to the Modbus TCP protocol.

Cost-effecitve SCADA solution

Cost-effecitve SCADA solution build on your own HTML Web pages.

Hourmeter modules

We present the HM2 and HM4 - the hourmeters modules developed for the MultiCon units.

Time format

Time format in MultiCon is an advanced method of data presentation in format of time.

MultiCon as a modern compass rose

Application presents MultiCon as a modern compass rose.

Flow measurement modules

Flow measurement modules for cooperation with both impulse flow meters and flow meters equipped with a current output.

MultiLevel Access

MultiLevel Access in MultiCon line devices.

Extended operating temperature range of the MultiCon

Extended operating temperature range of the MultiCon, between -20°C and +50°C, broadens the range of applications.

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