MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.


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Conditional data recording in practice

Conditional data recording in practice.

Pulse inputs CP2/CP4 - additional functionalities

This application shows the possibilities of using CP2 / CP4 counter inputs.

Indicated number of heating profiles

MultiCon is used for annealing process management with indicated number of heating profiles.

Recording single element parameters

MultiCon is ideal for recording the parameters of individual elements.

MultiCon as a controlling device

Application of MultiCon as a device controlling the amount of the manufactured product against the material used.

Hardware output monitor

The application describes one of the logical channel modes in the MultiCon line devices: "Hardware output monitor".

MultiCon recorder with MultiPrint printer

MultiCon recorder with MultiPrint printer.

Enhanced WWW Server

Access to many MultiCon functions directly from a web browser via the enhanced web server.

MultiCon as a programmable room temperature controller

MultiCon as a programmable room temperature controller.

Communication with the external SCADA system

Application presents communication of MultiCon with the external SCADA system.

MultiCon as the product quality testing device

MultiCon as the product quality testing device.

Graphical presentation of results

Easy and intuitive adjustment of the parameter presentation method to the process and the user.

Proportional control

Application of current outputs in proportional control of servo valve assemblies.

Recording of wood drying parameters

The application presents the possibility of recording of wood drying parameters using the MultiCon.

Mobile recorder

The application presents the possibility of using MultiCon as a mobile recorder.

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