MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.


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MultiCon in paper industry

Application of MultiCon in paper industry.

Engine parameters data recorder

In this application MultiCon works as an engine parameters data recorder.

Process control redundancy

MultiCon as an example of process control protection against failure.

MultiCon at the ski lift

MultiCon working in the control room of ski lifts.

Alternative data recording in MultiCon

The application describes the possibilities of using alternative registration in MultiCon.

Multicon on a solar boat

Recording of the battery charge level on a solar boat using a MultiCon line controller.

Automatic fruit juice composing system

The application presents an automatic fruit juice composing system based on the MultiCon controller

Analog measure points concentrator system

In this kind of industry application MultiCon collects all analog measurements and sends them through Modbus RTU to main PLC.

Distracted application structures

This application presents distracted application structures using MultiCon device.

MultiCon the scatter controller

MultiCon works as a controller in a specialized distributed system of multi-point data recording.

Industrial automation trends

MultiCon as a universal answer to the current trends in industrial automation.

Expanded mathematical functions

MultiCon controller allows to operate logical channels with mathematical functions. One can change every channel value using arithmetic operations.

PID loop systems

The application describes the possibility of using the MultiCon in PID control systems.

MultiCon as a temperature meter

The application presents the using of MultiCon as a universal temperature meter.

High current relay outputs

The application presents the MultiCon with 5A high current relay outputs.

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