MultiCon devices are versatile controllers with a capability of measuring and data logging simultaneously.
Powerful and versatile data-loggers.


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MultiCon as a support for small and medium-sized pumping stations

The application describes MultiCon as a support for small and medium-sized pumping stations.

MultiCon in a portable case

MultiCon in a portable case extends the range of applications.

MultiCon as a remote controller

In this application MultiCon works as a remote controller.


Multicon as a perfect solution for any heating processes.

Remote support

Possibility of remote support regardless of location using an Ethernet connection and the "Remote Display" feature.


MultiCon equipped with flow meter inputs as well as relay outputs can become a smart dispenser.

MultiCon as an energy meter

In this application MultiCon works as an energy meter.

MultiCon - Trend diagrams

This application shows possibility of presenting the process/processes on the screen in a specific time back.

MultiCon - Improved mathematical functions

The application presents the improved mathematical functions of MultiCon and their using.

Production processes supporting

The application describes the support of production processes with the use of MultiCon.

Communication between devices

Possibility to manage large applications using various communication modules.

Optoisolated counter input modules

The application shows the use of optoisolated counter input modules.

MultiCon as a multichannel converter

The application describes the use of MultiCon as a multichannel converter.

Automatic change-of-view

Application of the "Automatic change-of-view" function in MultiCon.

Advanced mathematical functions in the MultiCon

Application shows the advanced mathematical functions in MultiCon such as: derivative and integral.

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